Phonak and Resound Filters

Product Description

Filters for Phonak and Resound


Cerustop filters for Phonak and Resound hearing aids


  • • Pack containing 8 filters
  • • Protects your hearing aid from the most common cause for malfunction
  • • Intuitive filter changing
  • • Used by Phonak, Resound and others


Earwax is the most common cause of hearing aid malfunction. It often blocks the amplifier and lowers the passage of sound. The wax guard helps you to protect your hearing aids and minimizes earwax-related malfunctions. Since the amount of earwax differs from person to person considerably, it is recommended to check the wax guard on a daily basis. If the hearing aid sounds too silent or if wax is visible in the wax guard, it is time to change the wax guard.


Easy to use!

A wax guard is mounted on one end of the stick. At the other end, there is a hook for removing the used wax guard from the hearing aid.