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Before beginning with trouble-shooting, please make sure that the battery you are using is new.

Functionality test

Please put on your hearing aid for testing the functionality after changing the battery.





2nd step: replace the silicon dome and the small white filter

Functionality test
If the sound is still too quiet or distorting, please proceed with the next step.



3rd step: check receiver and battery contacts for damage

It is possible that the receiver - the cable connecting the amplifier with your hearing aid - has experienced some damage. 

Another reason could be broken battery contacts in the battery chamber. Please open the battery chamber and make sure that the contacts which are attached at both sides inside the hearing aid are intact. Proceed with next step.


4th step: contact us

Please contact us and tell us about your findings. In case something is broken a replacement will be needed. If you cannot find the reason after doing previous steps, we will try to find a solution together.

Please contact us via service@hearingexperts.net or call us directly: 03-20356774.