Phonak Domes - 10 PCS

Product Description

What is it?

      • • Packet of 10 Phonak domes
      • • Available in sizes: small, medium and large
      • • Available in types: open, closed and power
      • • Packet of 10 Phonak domes
    • How to use it?

      • • For replacement of blocked or damaged domes
      • • To be placed on Phonak micro receivers
      • • Suggested replacement every 6 – 10 weeks, depending on use and maintenance
      • • A new dome should be pushed firmly onto the receiver over all the ridges before inserting into the ear
The Phonak domes sit comfortably in your ear and do not block up. They fit snugly on the receiver tubes and are easy to pull on and off. Please make sure you choose the correct type and size of dome, otherwise your hearing quality can be impaired. You can find the correct type by comparing your current dome with pictures on the left or by looking up data in your purchase contract.