Signia Pure 3Nx

Product Description

Signia Pure 3 Nx  - Single hearing aid.

Compact and robust, the Signia Pure hearing aid features an ITE microphone and is designed to be used by patients with moderate to severe hearing loss. Along with its very small size, a key feature of the Pure range of hearing aids is that t-coils come as standard, allowing users to tap into sound feeds in environments with induction loop technology (both the Sirion and Orion also have t-coil options, but not as standard). Another feature is the tinnitus therapy setting, which is specifically targeted at those suffering from ringing in the ears, and could be an effective therapy for chronic tinnitus. The connectivity functions of Pure hearing aids enable you to hook them up to EasyPocket controls, as well as Android smartphones, which can be used as remote controls if that makes more sense. Signia's own apps make it possible to switch between different settings for TVs or phones, optimizing your hearing experience for different tasks, so it's a handy feature to have.